Wednesday Nights at Bonhomme: Growth Night [September through May]

Just like Growth Hour on Sunday morning, Growth Night is meant to help us all grow as disciples of Jesus. On Wednesday evenings, we hope the entire family will participate in growing friendships and growing faith. First, join us for Wednesday Night Dinner at 5:30 pm . This is a time of fellowship and friendship.  You’ll have the opportunity to visit with friends and meet new people. At 6:30 pm, after Wednesday Night Dinner, the entire family can participate in a time of faith growing with programs for all ages. Take a class, join a choir, drop off the little ones to childcare and grow. Middle school and high school students can take refuge or serve. Older children can join tRUE Identity groups or participate in our full-of-praise music groups. Whatever your age or stage of life, we hope Wednesday nights enable you to unite as a family and grow.

Grow Your Friendships:

Wednesday Night Dinner at 5:30 pm

Wednesday Night Dinners are a time to connect with old friends and building relationships with new ones. Families, singles, couples, children and adults. Everyone is invited. To register online for Wednesday Night Dinners, click the button to the right. Please register by the Sunday before so our cooks have time to prepare. We hope you join us for Growth Night! We would love to meet you.

Most Wednesdays, September through May.  Advance reservations are required. Sign up on the fellowship pads, worship bulletin tear-offs, or call Irma at the church office at 636.532.3486.
The cost of Wednesday night dinner is kept to the utmost minimum, while still covering our expenses. The cost of an Adult Meal is $8; the cost of a Children’s Meal is $5 (for children ages 5-10). Children under the age of four are free. There is a $32 family maximum. 

Grow Your Faith: Wednesday Night Programs at 6:30 pm

For Adults

Bonhome SEALS (Seniors Engaged in Active Living and Service)  [Ron Kellams, 4-5:15 pm (note start time), Community Room]

Join us for a bit of fellowship time followed by Ron Kellams, Bonhomme member and gifted teacher, leading off with a study of Philippians.

Gen Z Parents | Room 3205 | Trish VanValkenburgh & Kathy Gore

Parents of Generation Z will watch the Kirk Cameron video series on marriage, “Fighting  Fair”, , followed by time for questions and  lively discussion.  

Framing Your Worldview | Room 3208 | Scott Martin

A six-part video series featuring a dialogue between Pastor Rick Warren and the late Chuck Coulson. They examine worldviews as they relate to important questions and key issues regarding truth, tolerance, terrorism, reconciliation, and purpose in life. Your worldview consists of the beliefs you build your life on. It determines how you view God, yourself, and other people. It includes thoughts about life and death; good and evil; pain and suffering; and past, present, and future. It determines how you think about your relationships, your time, and your money. Everything you think about life is shaped by your worldview. They discuss how the Christian worldview is unique among other choices

Women’s Study [TBD] | Community Room | Cypress Garrett & Shannon Krakowski                          

Chancel Choir [Lynn Packwood, 7:15 pm (note the start time), Choir Room]

Heart and Soul (Adult Special Needs Ministry) [Nancy Albrecht & Mary Gosney, Room 2107]

For Students [Youth Ministry]

[Cam Coppelli & Janelle Mosley, Youth Lounge]

On Wednesday nights, we will host small groups for each grade range and gender.  Those groups will dive deeper into the Growth Hour teaching, as well as provide a space to discuss the various challenges of life.

For Children [Preschool through Fifth Grade]

Children’s Bells (Second through fifth graders) [Lynn Packwood, 6 pm (note the start time), Media Room]

Route 66 (Fourth and fifth graders) [Lillian Saltmiras, Room 2111, Second and Fourth Wednesdays]

Children not attending choir will meet for FUN, relationship-building, games, and a time to explore God’s Word.

Children’s Choir (First though fifth graders) [Donna Packwood, Room 1315] 

Preschool Choir (Age four through kindergarten) [Lynn Packwood, Room 1312]

Childcare is provided in the nursery for little ones. Contact Jennifer Keller for more information.