Church Planting at Bonhomme


Our Purpose: Fulfill the Great Commission via Multiplication

As an ECO church, we value multiplication, in all its kingdom applications – multiplication of disciples, of leaders, and of churches. We are convinced that church planting is a vital strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Toward that end, we are committed to church planting in the city, county, and around the world. In September, 2018 Bonhomme launched its first church plant, RiverTree Community Church in Ballwin, MO.

Our Vision: A Network of ECO Churches

Churches that plant churches…that’s the vision in a nutshell. We believe in saturation church planting, which basically means that you can’t have enough flourishing churches in an area; there will always be more people to reach. We envision a network of ECO churches that are contextualized (aka, not all exactly alike) in the St. Louis area that partner together, and with existing churches, to bless the city and surrounding counties. Let’s make the kingdom of God accessible to all kinds of people right where they live!

RiverTree Community Church

We believe God is actively engaged in our world redeeming, restoring, and renewing all things.
RiverTree exists to join in God’s mission by…
GROWING a Loving church Family…
Of DIVERSE people..,.
On MISSION with Jesus
Who FOLLOW him wherever he leads.
To learn more about RiverTree Community Church, CLICK HERE.