Tipping Point Grants at Bonhomme

In late 2014, Bonhomme received a generous bequest of $2.5 million, which established The Bicentennial Fund. In addition to creating stability through capital improvements and reserves, this fund was positioned to help Bonhomme lock in our Vision 2016 missional values by underwriting three strategic initiatives: Church Planting, Tipping Point Grants and Doors Wide Open Outreach for our bicentennial year.


We are currently accepting applications for Tipping Point Grants through the deadline of December 6, 2019.

Purpose of the Tipping Point Grants

The Tipping Point Grants were established as one-time strategic grants that would empower our church plants and mission partners to innovate or expand their kingdom work and footprint at key points in the life of their ministry.


In 2015, $250,000 of The Bicentennial Fund was earmarked for Tipping Point Grants to be disbursed at an average of $25,000 a year for 10 years.

Award Criteria

In order to honor the initial purpose of the Tipping Point Grants and The Bicentennial Fund, applications will be evaluated, vetted and ranked based on the following criteria.
1. Current mission partners and Bonhomme church plants will be heavily prioritized over new missions/ministries that have no history with Bonhomme.
2. Grants will be awarded to efforts that truly innovate or expand a ministry’s kingdom work and footprint, rather than for ongoing expenses or debt reduction.
3. Efforts that seem to be particularly timely and strategic at a “key point” in the life of a ministry will ordinarily be prioritized over efforts that could be undertaken any year.
4. To help avoid unhealthy dependence, applicants that have a clear plan for sustainability, over time, of their efforts will receive extra consideration.
5. In order to spread the impact of the grants, grants ordinarily will not be awarded to the same organization two years in a row.
6. To avoid redundancy and look for areas of strategic synergy, current Missions Ministry giving and recent Bonhomme Foundation grants will be kept in mind when evaluating applications for Tipping Point Grants.

Application Process and Questions

By following the link on this page, church planters and missions partners can fill out an online application form.
For your consideration, prior to clicking the button, the questions on the form are:
1. Name of requestor and contact information.
2. Name of organization, mission of organization and website for more information.
3. Describe the history and nature of the partnership that exists between Bonhomme and this organization, including a history of “boots-on-the-ground” as well as financial partnership.
4. What would this money be used for and how, specifically, would it help innovate or expand the ministry’s footprint?
5. How much money is being requested?
6. Why is this the right time for such an effort? How will this grant help you grow the Kingdom of God?
7. What other funds and resources are being brought to bear to make this effort a success?

Click Here to Apply

Once completed, all applications will be vetted and evaluated by the Bonhomme Foundation, which will make a recommendation on this year’s Tipping Point Grants to Bonhomme’s Session. Bonhomme’s Session will decide on the final award(s) and these will be announced around the holidays.

2018 Recipients

Oasis International Ministries: $3,000

A new area of focus for Oasis International Ministries is providing safe, affordable housing for refugee families.  In 2018 Oasis partnered with Caring Ministries to start to address this need, the project is called ‘Preparing a Place’.  Caring Ministries purchased 2 multi-family flats in the Bevo Mill neighborhood.  Oasis International Ministries is organizing the entire rehab of these properties, providing volunteers and funding the rehab materials.  Oasis International Ministries’s greatest need is funding for the balance of the building materials, cover unanticipated additional building expenses and purchase permits for the rehabilitation of these 2 properties.  The Tipping Point Funds helped Oasis with this endeavor. 

Isaiah 58 Ministries: $5,000

In order to increase the efficiency of their food pantry delivery system as well as provide quality, nutrient-rich food to our clients, Isaiah 58 Ministries is moving to a client-choice model of service. This will allow clients the freedom to make their own selections from the foods available in the pantry, as opposed to receiving a pre-packed bag. This not only cuts down on food waste, but more importantly, encourages clients to make choices with regards to providing appropriate needs for their family. The Tipping Point Grant made it possible for Isaiah 58 to make the renovations necessary to transform their current space to ensure service efficiency.  

Umetulisha / RSL Ministries: $6,000

Umetulisha / RSL Ministries used the Tipping Point Grant to implement a structured job training program that has discipleship as a key component. They have a number of people that are engaged with RSL Ministries that would benefit from a structured job training and discipleship program. Currently the focus of Umetulisha is to feed those we serve. This job training and discipleship program goes a step further. This step, job training, is a natural expansion of the ministry.  The job training program is oriented toward single mothers with school age children built around the National Restaurant Association’s Manage First education series. The series is a structured training program that provides certificate courses in food safety, Restaurant Management, Human Resource Management, Cost Control as well as several electives. An industry recognized Manage First Professional Certification is awarded on the completion of the program requirements. While the program had been started, the Tipping Point Grant provided the additional resources to fully launch the initiative.

RiverTree Community Church: $5,000 

RTCC was awarded the Tipping Point Grant to fund the purchase of an enclosed trailer to transport all the equipment and Sunday School goods each Sunday.  The funds enabled a tow hitch to be installed on one of the core family’s vehicle to tow the trailer as well as some carts for transporting the equipment from the trailer to inside the venue.  Previously 4 or 5 vehicles were used each Sunday to transport all the equipment needed for the Sunday morning worship services.  The trailer allows the equipment to be consolidated into one vehicle and brought to and from the worship services in a safer and more efficient manner.  

InsideOUT Prison Ministry: $6,000

The InsideOUT Prison Ministry helps build relationships between churches and men and women who are incarcerated in order to reach those men and women for Christ, disciple them, and to help them transition back to citizenship in a healthy way.  They have a number of volunteers who have come from Bonhomme as well as regular financial support from the missions committee.  InsideOUT Prison Ministry used the Tipping Point Grant to start Celebrate Recovery program specifically with weekly childcare and food for the men and women who attend this Christ-centered 12-step program.  Substance abuse and the emotional stressors that lie under such abuse as well as other criminal activity are prevalent in the lives of the men and women they minister to and starting this program has allowed them to provide a way to battle these unhealthy aspects of their lives as well as prevent them from taking hold in the lives of others.    Many of the men and women in the jail have a desire to serve the Lord and share his goodness in their lives, but they leave the jail and the temptation to return to drugs, alcohol abuse, and abusive relationships is incredibly strong.  This program helps provide them with accountability and support in that battle.  Since the program is not limited to simply the men and women in jail it also allows them with the love of Christ to reach out to others in the community who are struggling with the same things before, they end up in jail or prison.