Tipping Point Grants at Bonhomme

In late 2014, Bonhomme received a generous bequest of $2.5 million, which established The Bicentennial Fund. In addition to creating stability through capital improvements and reserves, this fund was positioned to help Bonhomme lock in our Vision 2016 missional values by underwriting three strategic initiatives: Church Planting, Tipping Point Grants and Doors Wide Open Outreach for our bicentennial year.


We are currently accepting applications for Tipping Point Grants through the deadline of October 8, 2018.

Purpose of the Tipping Point Grants

The Tipping Point Grants were established as one-time strategic grants that would empower our church plants and mission partners to innovate or expand their kingdom work and footprint at key points in the life of their ministry.


In 2015, $250,000 of The Bicentennial Fund was earmarked for Tipping Point Grants to be disbursed at an average of $25,000 a year for 10 years. In 2018, $25,000 has been approved for distribution through the Bonhomme Tipping Point Grant program.

Award Criteria

In order to honor the initial purpose of the Tipping Point Grants and The Bicentennial Fund, applications will be evaluated, vetted and ranked based on the following criteria.
1. Current mission partners and Bonhomme church plants will be heavily prioritized over new missions/ministries that have no history with Bonhomme.
2. Grants will be awarded to efforts that truly innovate or expand a ministry’s kingdom work and footprint, rather than for ongoing expenses or debt reduction.
3. Efforts that seem to be particularly timely and strategic at a “key point” in the life of a ministry will ordinarily be prioritized over efforts that could be undertaken any year.
4. To help avoid unhealthy dependence, applicants that have a clear plan for sustainability, over time, of their efforts will receive extra consideration.
5. In order to spread the impact of the grants, grants ordinarily will not be awarded to the same organization two years in a row.
6. To avoid redundancy and look for areas of strategic synergy, current Missions Ministry giving and recent Bonhomme Foundation grants will be kept in mind when evaluating applications for Tipping Point Grants.

Application Process and Questions

By following the link on this page, church planters and missions partners can fill out an online application form.
For your consideration, prior to clicking the button, the questions on the form are:
1. Name of requestor and contact information.
2. Name of organization, mission of organization and website for more information.
3. Describe the history and nature of the partnership that exists between Bonhomme and this organization, including a history of “boots-on-the-ground” as well as financial partnership.
4. What would this money be used for and how, specifically, would it help innovate or expand the ministry’s footprint?
5. How much money is being requested?
6. Why is this the right time for such an effort? How will this grant help you grow the Kingdom of God?
7. What other funds and resources are being brought to bear to make this effort a success?

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Once completed, all applications will be vetted and evaluated by the Bonhomme Foundation, which will make a recommendation on this year’s Tipping Point Grants to Bonhomme’s Session. Bonhomme’s Session will decide on the final award(s) and these will be announced around the holidays.

2017 Recipients

The Freedom School: $12,500

The Freedom School provides a safe and nurturing learning community where children of different beliefs, races, ethnicities, and economic circumstances are reconciled to God and to one another by experiencing forgiveness through God’s grace and their faith in Jesus Christ. Through an educational context, they are equipped by knowledgeable and caring staff to reach their unique potential in Christ, and to proclaim God’s kingdom of righteousness through practical deeds of just and merciful service to one another and the oppressed around the world.
The Tipping Point Grant will update the Literacy program to address a whole school strategy of language & reading challenges of students; to use current technology to differentiate needs of individual students.
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El Centro Integral in Honduras: $7,500

Since 2008, Bonhomme continues to support homeless and orphaned children in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (27 young girls and women). Our ongoing relationship assists with monthly bills, the purchase of a van, eye and dental care, the building of an onsite bakery for both, community outreach and as a self-sustaining enterprise.
The Tipping Point Grant will assist in paying for six of the girls to attend college and remain as caretakers of El Centro (college is free, but peripherals, such as books & transportation, are $205/month/girl; this award will pay for 8 months for each).

Global Outreach [The Puttcamps]: $5,000

There are hundreds of under-trained, rural, often bi-vocational pastors in Costa Rica.  They have the desire to grow the Kingdom of God through evangelism and discipleship, but many do not have the Biblical foundation to do it effectively.  Furthermore, they lack the resources to leave their jobs and move their family to the city to study in a traditional seminary setting, nor can they leave their congregation without a shepherd.  SOLAE Bible Center provides Accessible Biblical Education to these under-trained, under-resourced leaders of the Costa Rican church.  We seek to overcome these barriers by making quality Biblical education affordable and available to students wherever they are, whenever they can.
The Tipping Point Grant will expand impact of Bible Center which provides accessible Biblical resources to under-trained and under-resourced leaders of the Costa Rican church
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