Sundays at Bonhomme: Growth Hour

What exactly happens on Sundays from 9:45-10:45 am? Some of the words used to describe this hour are “Sunday school,” “spiritual formation,” “Christian education” and even just “classes.” We know that there’s something for everyone during that hour: from infants to children to students and youth to all manner of adults, but why exactly, are we gathering people together for that hour? In short: to help us all grow as disciples of Jesus. Our community exists to help new people discover Jesus and to help all of us grow as his disciples. Bonhomme, is, after all, where faith grows. And that’s exactly what this hour is dedicated to: providing environments where we can grow as disciples. So think of this Sunday morning hour as “Growth Hour.” Ask yourself, “How does God want to grow me as a disciple over the next couple of months?”

Sundays at 9:45 am | Session I [Fall, 2018] 

Households of Faith – Through May 2019 | Room 3205 | Don Everts & Mary Oldfield

How do you build and nurture spiritual vibrancy within your own household or any of the other households you are a part of? It turns out the biblical material and the latest research agree: a spiritually healthy household has each of these “vibrant variables”: spirituality, intimacy, and purpose. Come learn and experiment with practical ways to build these variables into your own household of faith.

Christians and Politics – Through January 2019 | Room 3208 | Joan Brown

This class will explore the four Christian traditions of political engagement, from the early church through the 19th century. A slightly revised version of the 2016 class, we will seek to understand how we can best represent the Kingdom of God in today’s critically divided culture.

PROVERBS – Beginning January | Conference Room | Tom Hobson

Proverbs is both poetic and intensely practical. We will look at how to apply God’s wisdom to today’s world. Topics will include where to find wisdom, decision-making, human relations and economic and political wisdom. 

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – Beginning February 2019 | Room 3208 | Scott Martin

A video lecture series taught by Douglas Stuart and Mark Strauss and based on the text by the same name. The Bible is meant to be accessible and studied. To gain the most understanding of God’s Word requires appreciating the different genres of literature that it contains – historical narratives, poetry, parables, epistles, apocalyptic, etc. The video series and the handouts will serve to enrich Bible study. The text, for those who wish to purchase a copy, is: Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All its Worth, 4th edition. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014 (ISBN 978-0-310-51782-5)

“Dust to Glory” – Part II “An Overview of the New Testament” – Through January 2019 | Room 3224 | Jim Keim & Terry Grogan

This class will be a 14-week video lecture by R.C. Sproul providing an overview of the New Testament from the Intertestamental Period through Revelation. Class time will allow for interactive discussion following the video.

The Consequence of Ideas – Beginning February 2019 | Room 3224 | Jim Keim & Terry Grogan

A video lecture series by Dr. R. C. Sproul exploring Christian philosophy and contrasting it with the great philosophers of history. Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Locke, Marx, Sartre and many other philosophers will be explored.

Sermon Series – Through May 2019 | Room 3226 | Jim Graham

Book of Joshua – Through May 2019 | Quilting Room in the Chapel Wing | Curt Ruhlman

This class will study the Old Testament book of Joshua, who after the death of Moses, became “the servant of the LORD”. (Joshua 1:1)

Fellowship | Phil Hargrove | Kilby Commons

Pastor Phil will always be available during Growth Hour to chat, fellowship and engage.

For Students [Youth Ministry]

Growth Hour [Youth Lounge]

During Sunday’s Growth Hour, we will have relevant teaching for everyone. Our Growth Hour environments are split up into Six/Seventh Grade, Eight Grade Confirmation, and Ninth through Twelfth Grade. Fore more information about youth ministry at Bonhomme, visit HERE.

For Children

Kids of the Kingdom Sunday School [First through Fifth Grade] [Lillian Saltmiras]

[First graders | Room 1315]

[Second and third graders | Room 1317]

[Fourth and fifth graders | Room 1319]

Kids discover their place in the Big God Story.

Kids of the Kingdom Sunday School [Preschool & Kindergarten]

[2s and 3s | Blue Room]

Children will learn that God loves them, created them and is with them.

[4s and 5s | Green Room]

Kids experience the wonder of who God is.

[Jennifer Keller, Nursery] [Six months up to two years old]

Loving care by trained caregivers.
For more details about Bonhomme Children’s Ministry, click HERE.